About bach–chorales.com

bach–chorales.com provides resources and research on the chorales of J.S. Bach using the most up–to–date scholarship. The site is intended to serve all those who engage with the Bach chorales, from musicians, to music theorists, to musicologists, to music students, to non–professional Bach–lovers.

The databases featured on the resources & databases page, several of which are sortable, provide convenient tools for chorale research. This page also provides information regarding the important sources related to the chorales.

The research provided on the articles & research page includes not only comparative scores that present different settings of the same chorale tune but also essays on various aspects of the Bach chorales. Particular interest is devoted to dispelling common misconceptions regarding the chorales.

This website represents thousands of hours of research spanning more than a decade. If you have found the site beneficial, please consider making a donation to show your appreciation and to help keep things running. All contributions are much appreciated!

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About Luke Dahn

Luke Dahn, creator of bach–chorales.com, is a composer and music theorist currently serving on the music theory faculty at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and serving as co–artistic director of Ensemble: Périphérie. He holds a Ph.D. in music composition from the University of Iowa and a master’s degree in composition from Western Michigan University. The music of Bach has been a central component to Dr. Dahn’s pedagogical and research endeavors, and bach–chorales.com represents many years of devotion to the chorales. More information can be found at www.lukedahn.net.

Giving a presentation on the newly–recovered 1762 Fasch manuscript at the "ex umbra in solem" conference in Lviv, Ukraine (November 2017)