BWV 65.2

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Original source: Cantata, Sie werden aus Saba alla kommen, BWV 65 (bach–digital page)
Chorale Text: Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem (verse 4), by Cyriakus Spangenberg (1545), a translation of the 14th c. Puer natus in Bethlehem
Tune: Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem (Puer natus in Bethlehem), by Lucas Lossius, Nürnberg 1553 (Zahn 192b)
First Performance: 6 January 1724, Feast of Epiphany
Appearance in Early Collections (Key): Riemenschneider 12; Breitkopf 12; Birnstiel 12; AmB 46II p.131; Levy–Mendelssohn 14; Fasch p.21 & p.167, Penzel 124
Other Harmonizations: None

Instrumentation: Colla parteS: flute 1 & 2 (8va). A: oboe di caccia 1. T: oboe di caccia 2. B: N/A. (Presumably, other instruments play colla parte, but no original parts extant. Flutes, oboes di caccia written in score as separate parts.)

Original manuscripts
Score: D–B Mus. ms. Bach P 147
Parts: Not available


Measure 5, beat 1 — The Fasch (SA 818) and AmB 46II manuscripts show an E3 quarter note in the bass rather than C3, which appears in the Birnstiel–Breitkopf. The autograph score is ambiguous. It appears as if either the C or the E were written originally, then corrected with a large notehead that covers the span between the C and the E. (See image below) The E creates parallel octaves with the tenor from the previous chord at the fermata, so the C may have been a correction to these parallels.

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