BWV 148.6

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Original source: Cantata, Bringet dem Herrn Ehre seines Namens, BWV 148 (bach–digital page)
Chorale Text #1: Wo soll ich fliehen hin (verse 11), by Johann Heermann (1630) NB: See note below about the texts for this chorale.
Chorale Text #2: Auf meinen lieben Gott (verse 5), Lübeck before 1603
Tune: Wo soll ich fliehen hin, by Bartholomäus Gesius (1605), based on Jakob Regnart (1574) (Zahn 2164)
First Performance: 19 September 1723?, 17th Sunday after Trinity
Appearance in Early Collections (Key): Riemenschneider 25 (down a m2); Breitkopf 25 (down a m2); Birnstiel 28; Levy–Mendelssohn 65 (down a m2); Fasch p.121 (down a m2)
Other Harmonizations: BWVs 5.7, 89.6, 136.6, 188.6

Comparative score: Five settings of Wo soll ich fliehen hin aligned and placed in the same key (PDF)

Instrumentation: Colla parteS: N/A. A: N/A. T: N/A. B: N/A. (No original parts survive.)

Original manuscripts
Score: D–B Mus. ms. Bach P 46, Faszikel 5 (earliest surviving score; c. after 1750?; copyist: J.C. Farlau)
Parts: None


With no extant manuscript of this cantata available and with no text appearing in surviving copies, there is uncertainty regarding text. The first text included here is suggested as a possible option by the editor in the BGA (Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe). The second text is suggested by the editors of the NBA (Neue Bach Ausgabe).

bach– by Luke Dahn. Copyright 2019.