BWV 306

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Original source: Chorale, Erstanden ist der heilge Christ, BWV 306
Chorale Text: Erstanden ist der heilge Christ*, Anon. (1544), after a 1372 German translation of Surrexit Christus hodie
Tune: Erstanden ist der heilge Christ, Bohemian Brethren 1501/1531, based on a 14th c. melody (Zahn 1746)
First Performance: Unknown
Appearance in Early Collections (Key): Riemenschneider 176; Breitkopf 176; Birnstiel 181; AmB 46II p.149; Penzel 142
Other Harmonizations: None


This chorale survives without text. The text that appears here is the one provided by editors of the Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe (BGA).

Measures 13–14 contain parallel octaves between the soprano and tenor (Bb–A). This is the only instance of chordal or "structural" consecutive octaves in parallel motion. The only other instance of parallel octaves (BWV 167.5) involve non–chord tones making them "non–structural." Other instances of consecutive octaves among the chorales involve contrary motion. For a complete account of consecutive fifths and octaves in the Bach chorales, see "Consecutive Fifths & Octaves in the Bach Chorales" featured on the Articles & Research page.

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