BWV 323

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Original source: Chorale, Gott sei uns gnädig und barmherzig, BWV 323
Chorale Text: Gott sei uns gnädig und barmherzig*, Anon., a paraphrase of Psalm 67
Tune: Meine Seel erhebt den Herren [The German Magnificat], Wittenberg 1535, based on a pre–Reformation melody (Zahn 7372)
First Performance: Unknown
Appearance in Early Collections (Key): Riemenschneider 320; Breitkopf 319; AmB 46II p.100
Other Harmonizations: BWV 10.7, 324


This chorale survives without text. The text that appears here is the one provided by editors of the Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe (BGA).

Measure 8 contains parallel fifths between the soprano (B–F#) and tenor (E–B). For a complete account of consecutive fifths and octaves in the Bach chorales, see "Consecutive Fifths & Octaves in the Bach Chorales" featured on the Articles & Research page.

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