BWV 441

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Original source: Chorale, Auf, auf, mein Herz, mit Freuden, BWV 441*
Tune: Auf, auf, mein Herz, mit Freuden, by Johann Crüger (1648) (Zahn 5243)
First Performance: Unknown
Appearance in Early Collections (Key): Dietel 95*
Other Harmonizations: None


This chorale survives by way of the Dietel collection. It has not been assigned a unique BWV number since it is a variant realization of a chorale (BWV 441) from the Schemelli Gesangbuch with significant rhythmic and harmonic modifications. (See Chorale No.27 on p.152 of NBA III/2.1) While no text is provided here since the Dietel manuscript does not include texts, the chorale as it appears in the Schemelli Gesangbuch features Paul Gerhardt’s Auf, auf! mein Herz, mit Freuden.

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